Our team has deep experience across the whistleblower spectrum.  We represent whistleblowers and defend against them, drawing on our multi-disciplinary team to address the array of unique challenges that often arise in the whistleblower setting.  Our partners have led internal investigations in response to a whistleblower allegation, negotiated settlements with the federal government concerning whistleblower claims, and litigated – and won – several consequential federal court opinions relating to the rules governing whistleblower activity in the United States.

Some of our lawyers’ engagements include:

  • Representation of an employee who disclosed certain practices by a U.S. company operating in the Middle East in violation of export control laws and U.S. government contracting requirements.
  • Representation of a defense contractor in litigation relating to a purported whistleblower; the plaintiff (and counsel) were sanctioned by the court for improper behavior and the client prevailed on counterclaims relating, in part, to the whistleblower’s misconduct.

You are advised that not all client results are included and prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.