Our Team

Ryan R. Sparacino • Managing Partner

Ryan Sparacino, the firm’s Managing Partner, focuses on complex investigations often involving U.S. government enforcement agencies.  He has spent much of his career working on sensitive matters in challenging overseas jurisdictions in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Andrew Baker • Chief Research Officer

Andrew Baker is a Chief Research Officer at Sparacino PLLC. He focuses in due diligence, asset traces, and investigations in support of litigation. Mr. Baker draws upon his diverse experience in reputational and integrity investigations into individuals and corporate entities in support of Sparacino PLLC clients.

Geoffrey P. Eaton • Partner

Geoffrey Eaton is an experienced advocate who has briefed appeals in ten of the thirteen federal Courts of Appeals and argued cases in the Third, Fourth, Eighth, Eleventh, and Federal Circuits. He has successfully represented both private and public-sector clients in matters involving constitutional law (including separation of powers, due process, takings, freedom of speech, the Commerce Clause, and equal protection), patent, copyright, tax, contract, criminal fraud, and veterans’ affairs.

Eli J. Kay-Oliphant • Partner

Eli J. Kay-Oliphant has litigated the most complex of issues for the last fifteen years. He has represented defendants and plaintiffs in state and federal courts throughout the country, as well as in arbitration and mediation.

Hilary Lister • Chief Investigative Officer

Hilary Lister serves as a Chief Investigative Officer at Sparacino PLLC. She focuses in reputational due diligence, asset searches, internal investigations, and supporting clients’ investigative needs in civil and criminal litigation.

Mike M. Massey • Chief Financial Officer

Mike Massey is a C-suite and restructuring professional with over 22 years of experience in the finance and accounting sectors.

Tara A. Rodriguez • Counsel

Tara Rodriguez is a member of the firm’s Client Management team. Prior to joining Sparacino PLLC, Ms. Rodriguez practiced as a family law attorney in her home state of North Carolina with an emphasis on military family matters.

Dan A. Shalmon • Managing Director

Dan Shalmon serves as Managing Director at Sparacino PLLC. He focuses on due diligence, research, and investigations in support of litigation. His work draws on a diverse set of analytical skills developed over 20 years in the public and private sector.

Tejinder Singh • Partner

Tejinder Singh is a go-to appellate advocate for plaintiffs, including whistleblowers and also victims of terrorist attacks, air crashes, pharmaceutical product defects, and civil rights violations.

Shuman Sohrn • Partner

Shuman Sohrn is a partner in the firm’s Washington D.C. office.  He is a member of the firm’s Complex and Commercial Litigation practice group and Anti-Terrorism practice group.

Lindsay J. Sparacino, CFA • Chief Analytics Officer

Lindsay Sparacino is the Chief Analytics Officer at Sparacino PLLC.  Prior to joining SPLLC, Ms. Sparacino was a Partner and Managing Director at EJF Capital LLC (EJF), a global alternative asset management fund.

Mark S. Sparkman • Chief Intelligence Officer

Mark S. Sparkman is a 30-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency.  As an operations officer, Mr. Sparkman spent his career developing insights into some of the most politically and culturally complex countries and regions in the world.